Soma Osteopathy

Ariel Ng

Registered Acupuncturist in North York, Ontario.

Rachel Xu Acupuncturist in North York, Ontario

Ariel Ng is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner serving the greater Toronto area. She is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine in British Columbia. Her additional education includes psychology, natural nutrition, and specialized kinesiology. She apprenticed under a sought-after Doctor of TCM in BC, and has also apprenticed under the world-renown Cosmetic Acupuncture Master, Virginia Doran. Additionally, she practices Closed Door Traditional Chinese martial arts of both external and internal styles.

As an immigrant to Canada, Ariel feels very lucky to keep her culture alive while being able to help people in a healthcare setting. Her style of treatment is elegant yet results- driven, combining her knowledge of conventional and traditional medicine into her diagnoses and treatments. She enjoys treating patients of plateaued rehabilitation, post- concussions and post cancer management, along with a special interest in treating internal diseases. Additionally, the unique cosmetic acupuncture protocol has become a favourite of hers for anti-aging. Ariel’s treatment plan may include cupping, Moxibustion, qi gong, lifestyle consultation, medicated diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.